The mythical blue of the brand makes its big comeback in the AHD windsurfing collection.


AHD Boards is a brand of windsurfing boards, created on the mythical spot of Columbia Gorge River (Oregon -USA) by Harry German in 1987. It arrived in Switzerland in 1990, bought by Christophe PIAGET and very quickly became a major brand on the planet. AHD Boards is world champion with Sven Rasmussen in 1991, Sébastien Carle becomes world champion in production boards in 1993, Patrice Belbeoch is world wave champion in 1996, and Antoine Albeau starts his world champion collection from 2001 to 2003 with AHD. The best shapers make their weapons at AHD, Roberto Ricci, Jean Marie Guiriec, Jean Bouldoire, Pascal Gerber… AHD is at the origin of many innovations, the mythical floats are legion, the 267 Convertible, the Diamond series, the Compact Board, the NT hollow, the MaxxRide, etc…. After an eclipse, TRIDENN, a French company, took over the brand in 2008 in order to continue to design windsurf boards from this famous brand. In 2018, with the arrival of FOIL AND CO, the founders of Tridenn teamed up with Tanguy Le Bihan to design and manufacture the foils in France through the brand AFS Foils.

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